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Medieval Prague Old Town

Old Town walking tour Old Town walking tour

Be ready to be amazed by spectacular paintings of the early and high Middle Ages.

We will show you how the art of painting developed in those periods while looking at exquisite examples in exhibitions and on house exteriors throughout historic Old Town. Let's start in the convent of St Agnes of Bohemia, which is home to a permanent exhibition of 'Medieval Art in Bohemia and Central Europe'. This is a prime collection of 13th to 16th century works from around the Czech lands of the time.

The convent itself is a beautifully restored place of Czech heritage, but we will see much more than that. The Gothic path around Old Town awaits with countless magnificent and surprisingly well preserved paintings and sgraffitos to discover.

Availibility: daily except Mondays

Duration: 3h

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    Not everyone knows that...

    The Old Town Bridge Tower is a gate through which the king entered the bridge during his coronation path, and from an astrological point of view, it is divided into 4 horizontal spheres. Namely these spheres are: earthly, lunar, solar and stellar, which correspond to four basic elements (earth, water, air and fire). The lunar sphere is decorated with 28- decorative elements of crabs that seem to symbolize the 28 days of the lunar month and the coats of arms of countries, which formed parts of the Kingdom of Bohemia in the years 1373-1377. Read more ...