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Magic Prague of Alchemists

Rudolf II

On this walking tour, you will learn about the mysterious art of Alchemy and many places still connected with this ancient science in the city once known as the “Golden City”.

A key figure to the alchemist past of Prague is the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II of Habsburg. He was the patron of scholars, magicians, artists, astronomers and alchemists. The great irony is that, despite of his Habsburg origin, he encouraged the rise of the Hermetic tradition in Prague. According to his biographers, the scenes of burning at the stake, used by the Spanish Inquisition, which he had experienced as a child, brought him to the cause of Hermeticism. However not only the religious faith of this emperor was extraordinary.

We will reveal the secret and hidden connections between some of Prague's famous sights and the all present alchemy of the 16th century to you.

Availibility: daily

Duration: 3h

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Not everyone knows that...

The Old Town Bridge Tower is a gate through which the king entered the bridge during his coronation path, and from an astrological point of view, it is divided into 4 horizontal spheres. Namely these spheres are: earthly, lunar, solar and stellar, which correspond to four basic elements (earth, water, air and fire). The lunar sphere is decorated with 28- decorative elements of crabs that seem to symbolize the 28 days of the lunar month and the coats of arms of countries, which formed parts of the Kingdom of Bohemia in the years 1373-1377. Read more...