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History of Prague Castle

Prague Castle Walking Tour St Vitus Cathedral

This tour concentrates on the history and architecture of the largest ancient castle in the world.

We will take you all the way back to the start of the construction of Prague Castle and to the origins of Christianity in the Czech lands. Charles IV, king of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor in the 14th century, played a major role in revitalizing old Prague castle and laid the foundation for the construction of a cathedral worthy of being compared to the leading French cathedrals of the time. He chose a French architect, Matthias of Arras, to start the project and thus brought architectural influences of southern France to the city. Besides St. Vitus Cathedral we will also visit St. George's Basilica, the Old Royal Palace and the popular Golden Lane as well as acquaint you with the legends of two influential women, Brigitte and Kunigunde.

Available: daily except Sunday Morning

Duration: 3,5 hours

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Not evryone knows ...

How Sigismund made a hole in the floor. “It sounded five strange beats breaking the heart, and suddenly, bang!” recalls then unexpected situation Tomáš Stařecký, a former chief bell ringer of the St. Vitus Cathedral. What happened? A heart of the largest Czech bell broke and there were clouds of dust, a hole in the floor, and a deep voice from the tower faded. This happened only after the fifth time in the long history (1670, 1734, 1797, 1819, and 2002. According to the legend, when the Sigismund´s heart breaks, misfortune befalls the Czech lands. In August 2002, devastating floods engulfed Prague. Read more...