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Calm down mind and body and enjoy the world’s most popular exercise!

Yoga may already be the way of your life. Or you may not have tried it yet and think now is the time. Whatever your abilities, come warm up your body and relax your mind in the heart of beautiful Prague.

Yoga positions, also called asanas, are as good for the body as for the mind, neurological system, metabolism and endocrine system. The goal of these asanas is to direct the flow of energy and circulation to all the different areas of your body. This allows you to prepare your body for meditation, the last step on the path of Yoga.

If you were looking for an ideal place to practise yoga in the city, contact PragueZones. We will show you the best quiet spots in town. Do not hesitate to contact us even if you're a beginner and want to try or if you wish to exercise yoga in a Prague park, should season and weather permit.


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