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Anticellulite weekend

This day is always adjusted to your individual needs and in some ways represents a full body makeover.

The Anti-cellulite weekend is ideal for people looking for an overall treatment against fat deposits, curved shapes, cellulite and sagging skin. The main care treatments enhance slimming, skin firming and silhouette shaping. It's particularly suitable after a diet or pregnancy. Your body will be treated with unique Thalgo cosmetics, which are based on real seawater and seaweed.

You'll come back from this short health and beauty holiday fully relaxed and radiating more beauty than ever before. While at it let the professionals care about your nails and hair as well.

The combined treatments last 7 hours spread over two days and include:

20 minutes bike + stepper, 30 minutes manual lymphatic drainage 30 minutes lymphoven 60 minutes manicure 90 minutes pedicure 30 minutes sugar & salt scrub 90 minutes Thalgo Body Wrap (wrap against cellulite) 90 minutes hairdressing salon

Package available: daily


Package inquiry

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