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Your travel guide around Czech Republic

Trabant Tour

Enjoy Prague with the symbol of communist era in Central Europe - Trabant Car.

Are you interested in seeing the main attractions of Prague in a unique way?  Enjoy the city with Trabi and have an extraordinary experience with iconic car from communist era.

We will pick you up from your hotel for a 1 hour ride around Prague (a few routes to choose from) in the famous 23 horse power "plastic box" created by East German engineers. If the car breakes you will have to push it :) This is a real adventure!

  • All vehicles have liability and comprehensive insurance.

Please note the course needs to be booked 36 hours in advance.

Activity inquiry

Please kindly take a few minutes to fill in the inquiry form below. We will carefully review your requirements, and get back to you with complete program and quotation within 12 hours.