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Your travel guide around Czech Republic

Prague photographic game

Prague City adventure

Discover leggends and secrets of Prague in a playful way, have fun in Prague!

Apart from the most famous places in Prague our game will also take you into places your regular guidebooks do not mention and that normally remain a secret to tourists.

Our game coordinator will give you a road book with several photographs of secret places in Prague, a map and several hints. With the help of these clues your task will be to find these places on your own and take photographs of them all within a time limit of 4 hours. For those of you who have already discovered the centre of Prague and would like to set off for more distant places (broader centre) in a playful way, we have a more difficult version prepared for you.

At the end of the game you will once again meet with our coordinator, who will check how successful you were at fulfilling your tasks and discovering the city and you will receive a dinner in a traditional Czech restaurant as a reward for your adventure. Personal contact with our coordinator will also bring you the opportunity to learn more about the places in the photographs. We will reveal to you what makes these places special and why we have chosen to include them in our game. The road book along with your photographs and notes is our gift to you as a great souvenir from your adventure in Prague.

Please note PragueZones is able to prepare the game for you very fast. Are you going to Prague tomorrow? Would you like to discover Czech republic and have fun out of Prague? ... In a concrete city or relax playing in the woods? Contact us!

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