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Funflight in Prague

Skydiving in Prague Skydiving in Prague

Come and try the feeling of free fall in the safety of a wind tunnel, from a safe height and under the continuous supervision of professional instructors.

The wind tunnel in Skydive Arena is the only circular glass flight chamber in the world. It has a diameter of 4.3m and an overall height of an unbelievable 14 m. You can feel what it's like when the wind blows at a speed of over +300 km/h. This activity (sport) is designed for all physically healthy people aged 6 to 100 years.

Beginners who want to feel a free fall experience can try the basic package the duration of which is 3 minutes - two 1.5-minute entries. Those who want more than just a free fall experience and also want to try the basic skills of co-ordination of movement during free fall can try our 6-minute double package.

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