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Watercolours painting

The course will familiarize you with this art technique and its history. We will show you the various possibilities of painting with watercolors and gradually you will learn to paint with them yourself.


The magic of watercolor painting is a combination of many things. It is the freshness of the artist's stroke, the translucency of the actual painting itself, the ease of use, the speed, the ability to capture transitions caused by atmospheric effects or delicate architectural elements. It is also the purity of expression with brilliant colours, which in art history were mainly used by the Expressionists.

You don't need many instruments for this form of painting. Thus one of the pleasant qualities of watercolors is that you can easily carry them with you wherever you go. Just pack them in your backpack and head off into nature. You can paint at home on a table or anywhere directly on your knees. Come and join us and paint a beautiful memory of a trip to Prague under the professional instructions of academic painters!

Please note the course needs to be booked at least 36 hours in advance.

Course available: daily


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