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Painting with passion using acrylics

During this acrylic painting course, each participant will get acquainted with the basic principles of classic and modern acrylic painting.


We will try different painting techniques such as alla prima (direct, wet on wet), painting using impasto paint and transparent glaze all step by step under the instruction of a professional artist. Moreover, we will try out various ways of applying the paint and using different instruments, like a brush, a palette knife, a sponge... . We will also try out the colour rubbing technique, learn how to combine colours with various fillers, familiarize ourselves with pigments and the fundamentals of mixing them... .

The course is designed for those who have never held a brush in their hand. However intermediates won't be bored either. The learning tempo depends entirely on your rhythm. An experienced instructor is at your assistance the whole time and everyone will leave the studio not only carrying a painting on canvas in their hands, but also with a big smile on their face. The objective is not only to paint something beautiful, but to spend your time pleasantly in the creative atmosphere of an artist's studio!

Please note the course needs to be booked at least 36 hours in advance.

Course available: daily


Lesson inquiry 

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