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Modelling and pottery workshop

Let’s plunge into the state of inner concentration together, let’s caress, shape, form…

Working with clay is slow, there is no need to rush anywhere... Let's discover, touch and try different possibilities. Let's seek out a harmonious shape, which correlates with our aesthetics or imagination and let's discover the dimensions of our soul that will lead our hands in giving the clay shape. Let's be creative like children again. You can change the shape and form as you wish with the help of a pottery wheel for example. Make your first dish, vase, bowl or mug.... Get dirty from clay and clean yourself from stress, tension and unpleasant emotions... Let's take some time to devote ourselves to our creativity and playfulness. Within the scope of the pottery workshop you will get to try all of the basic clay working techniques (modelling from "snakes", slabs, in a sculptural way, turning on a pottery wheel) and the pottery decorating options (engobing, glazing in various ways).

Please note the course needs to be booked at least 36 hours in advance.

Course available: daily


Lesson inquiry 

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