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The Old-New synagogue

The Old-New Synagogue Praha Staronova Synagoga
By Photo: Andreas Praefcke (Own work) [GFDL ( or C

Europe's oldest active synagogue with the Scolanova Synagogue in Italy. It is also the oldest surviving medieval synagogue of twin nave design

This synagogue is really unique, as it is the oldiest, still standing synagogue in Europe. The building is early gothic, from the year 1270. The entrance is created of gothic portal with vine leafes carved in and angular vault . There are 9 steps to get in the interior. Not a lot of light is getting through the gothic windows, so it seems to be mysterious and dismal there. The story says, that blood of those jews is still adhered to the walls,  who took refuge here while pogrom, during Vaclav IV ruling. All of them were murdered here. The legend says, that thé stones, brought by angels to the synagogue are originally taken out of Jerusalem cathedral ruins, therefore not only for this reason, religious jews finds Prague as a second Jerusalem. Rabbi Jehuda Loew ben Bezalel-Maharal was the best known supreme rabbi who used to work here. He used to be going to visit caesar Rudolf II often for negotiating purposes. Apart from the other things he has done, he avoided to many of injustice and judicial proceedings against his coreligionists. He was even be able to make old-law prophets  to manifest themselves. In the eyes of other people he was a magician, but in normal life he rather was more scholar, cabalist, expert of natural science and astrology. Nevertheless, he influenced even Jan Amos Komensky in a pedagogical way.