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St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague Castle Prague Castle

The Cathedral amazes everyone. And no wonder, the construction of the building took a whole 600 years! It is the spiritual symbol of the Czech Republic

Prince Wenceslas, while he was building the rotunda, got from his friend a precious relic, a bone from an arm of  St.Vitus, and he deposited the relic in the church. St.Vojtech  was a grand missionary. On the place of the former basilica the King Charles IV. founded a crowning cathedral. The first architect was the famous Matthias from Arraras, then Petr Parler. Unfortunately they couldn´t finish the building. Not until 1873, when Kamil Hilbert, according to the project of Karel Mocker, restarted the construction. The whole cathedral was ceremonially finished and consecrated 12.5.1929, at the occasion of the St.Wenceslas  millennium celebration.

Above the portal of the cathedral  there is a rosette stained glass of 10m diameter, representing  the Creation of the world. On the south façade we can see and admire a magnificent entrance, the Golden gate. It is decorated with a unique gothic  mosaic, representing the Last trial, made in 1370-1371with 1 million pieces of glass and stones! On the same side of the church there is also the sightseeing tower. It has 287 stairs and the biggest church bell named Zikmund. It once fell, in 2002, and there was severe flood in Prague… The main nave of the cathedral has network vault,Petr Parler´s architectonic  constituent used the first time in Europe! Beneath the royal mausoleum was built a tomb for  the Czech Kings. The bodies of e.g. Charles IV,or Jiri z Poděbrad are buried there.

The most precious premise of the cathedral is the squared chapel of St.Wenceslas, where in the middle, there is the grave of St.Wenceslas. The door in the corner lead to the Crown chamber, where the Crown jewels are deposited.  The St.Wenceslas Treasure is also protected by the grand cathedral.