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Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall Old Town Hall

It is a memorable place, where a lot of historical events had happened.

Do you know, since when the wedding ceremonials are held at Old Town Hall? Since 1871 already! This is one of the famous activities, which are available right at the Hall or it´s surrounding. It is also a memorable place, where a lot of historical events had happened. There were prisoned the leading actors of revolt, after the battle on White hill and after some time, 27 men were executed on 21st of june, 1621 at the square in front of the Hall. The place is marked with a cross in the pavement.

The Old Town Hall, thanks to the king Jan Lucemburg, became a centre of local self government in the year 1338. It is also the place, where Czech king, George of Podebrady was elected by Czech Estates.

In 1784, after the four Prague towns were joined at one, the Hall became a seat of joint authority of the town. In the last days of german occupacy was the Hall used as a centre of revolt, therefore on the 7th of May, 1945, was the Hall blasted off. Both, the eastern and the northern wings were completaly destroyed, heavily damaged was also the tower with astronomical clock and the chapel. Many times, there was already put up a post for reconstruction of the building, but the works have never started yet. The Hall is made of different buildings of different dates, gradually joined to the main building. Even the basement of the buildings is in Romanesque style, which might be seen in the ground floor, most of the elements are in Gothic style.