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Maisel Synagogue

Maisel Synagoge in Prag
Foto: Heinz-Josef Lücking, Lizenz: Creative Commons by-sa-3.0 de Maisel Synogogue

Built in 1590-1592, designed by Josef Wahl and Juda Goldsmied and paid by Mordechai Maisel and rebuilt in the Baroque style.

You will find here an exposition of Jewish museum. There is placed a collection of silver objects in the centre of the exhibition, mainly the baroque levitical set, originaly from Pinkas synagogue. There are also exposed czech dinars, from 10th and 11th century, on whose coinage the Jewish moneyers participated. There is an interesting bill of debt from the year 1378, where, as a guarantee is stated Jan Zizka from Trocnov. Very impressive are also the images showing kinds of Jews discrimination, illustrationing antisemitic stereotypes. Other parts of the exposition are dedicated to scholars Akiva Hrovic, David Oppenheim, to theirs lives and work, to historian and astronomer David Gans, or to polyhistorian Josef Selomo Delmedigo.

There are other artefacts connected to great personalities. Between pillars, you can see there synagogical curtains from 17th and 18th century. The most valued curtain, is the one, which was owned  by great financier Mordechaj Maisel. Close to there, there  is placed a gilded silver cup, which used to be held by rabbi Loew as well as gilded silver crown on Torah, from the year 1783. Mentioning the artefacts, the attention should be given to a silver shield on Tor ah, made by Josua Coref in the year 1753. The exposition also concernes Jewish courtiers. For example we can mention exposed Jakob Basev´s privilegium,  from the year 1628, where is illustrated his blazon. Jakob Basev was the first Jewish nobleman , thanks to Albrecht from Valdstein too. Most of the interest is paid to the carvings, which illustrated a procession of Prague Jews dated to the year 1716 and 1741. Your interest might be also hold by a sign of Jewish butcher´s guild from the year 1620, represented as a key.