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Your travel guide around Czech Republic


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Prague and the Czech Republic

If so many visitors come to the Czech Republic every year, is it above all to visit Prague, the Golden City, one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. The Czech Capital is renowned for its remarkable qualities. Long rocked to the rhythm of the great artistic movements, Prague has preserved a cultural heritage of great wealth - particularly because it escaped the destruction of both World Wars. Whether it is a monumental point of view or a museum, the city appears as a mecca of European culture. In evidence, it is enough to note the huge number of tourists in the city at any time of year.

However, by confining the Czech Republic to its capital one would miss treasures equally admirable. Many parks and other green vegetation around the country, particularly suitable for sporting activities, they offer a wide range of disciplines for their varied terrain. There are also a few architectural gems, mostly classified as World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Feel free to enter these unknown regions where the Czechs will welcome you with open arms.

General Information 

Area:   78,870 sq km
Official Language: Czech
Government: Parliamentary democracy
Currency: Czech koruna (CZK)
Religion: Catholic 39.2%, Protestant 4.6%, Orthodox 3%, non-religious 39.8%, other 13.4%
National Day: October 28

Population: 10.5 million inhabitants in 2010
Density: 130 inhabitants. / km ²
Life expectancy: 75.5 years
Weights and Measures: Metric
Time Difference: No jet lag. The Czech Republic applies the summer time and winter time
Telephone code: 00420
Current: 220 V, 50 Hz (AC)
Climate: Continental
Geography: The Czech Republic is surrounded by Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. Bohemia, located to the west, is characterized by rolling plains and plateaus surrounded by low mountains. Moravia in the east, is a rather hilly area. The Czech Republic is covered to 34% of woods and forests. 41% land is arable.