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Winton's children exhibition on Kampa

The exhibition of stories by Winton's children on Kampa Island. Mr. Winton rescued 669 mostly Jewish children before the threatened deportation to concentration camps.


The exhibition of stories by Winton's children on Kampa Island has been installed on
twenty-eight special exhibition panels. Whoever is interested can see this outdoor exhibition between Werich´s villa and Sova's Mill only until June 19th, 2014. This special exhibition can also be seen during the night by special lighting.

Who is Nicholas Winton?

Sir Nicholas George Winton is a British broker and humanitarian worker who in 1939 rescued 669 mostly Jewish children from Czechoslovakia before the threatened deportation to concentration camps, giving them a safe departure by train to the UK. He never talked about this great act before 1988 and he does not consider this fact as anything special.

In 1988, his wife accidentally found old lists and relevant documents of the rescued children in the attic of their house. She gave everything to the historian Elizabeth Maxwell, who organized a meeting with Winton and "his children" in the BBC television show That's Life.

That was the first time the world came to know of Nicholas Winton.

Large-scale photographs mainly of rescued Jewish children recall the story of Winton's trains. The outdoor exhibition is comprised of images, maps, and documents, not only stories of the small passengers, but also the life of their savior Sir Nicholas Winton, who is 105 years old this year.
The author of the exhibition, Jaroslav Brabec, the director, cameraman and photographer, prepared these stories for Prague and London for the first time in 2011. For the relaunch, the author of the original version updated the new story of one of the rescued children and also gave congratulations to Winton on the anniversary.