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Wine festivities in Czech republic

Czech Republic is a beer drinkers paradise. No doubt. But if you prefer wine, it´s the best time to visit the country right now.

September is the month of wine festivities all over the country. Only in Prague you have several possibilities to enjoy the beverage, that inspired Mozart to write here the overture to his Don Giovanni, and may inspire you to have really good time in this town of a thousand spires.


Some good wines you can taste on September 13th on náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad or at the Troja Wine Festival, the district well known for its vineyards and winemaking. Two weeks later, on September 27th the popular wine festivities in Havlíčkovy Park – Grébovka take place. Miss in the date? Do not worry. The city is virtually crowded with open-air markets, farmers markets, and small wine bars, where you can enjoy yourself with a glass of good wine in your hand.


And if your only dilemma is whether to drink red of white, in Prague you will have at this time of the year one more option, and it´s worst trying. The Burčak, a young Czech partially fermented wine, can be sold only between August 1st to the end of November, and is delicious. Instead of wine it feels as though you are drinking a non-alcoholic cider or juice spritzer full of vitamins. But some says it’s the most dangerous beverage in Prague, so be careful. Nasty hangover the next morning can change your travel plans.


But you do not have to stay in Prague to taste some good wine. Few miles away, you can enjoy a drink on mediaeval Karlštejn castle, and wine festival in Mělník is always full of street music, good fun and burčák, of course. And serious wine tasters should head down to Moravian cities Valtice, Znojmo, or Mikulov, it is worth it.