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Fantastic experience of mountain biking in Czech nature

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Czech mountains offer now a perfect possibility to experience their beautiful nature through a wide network of trails for mountain bikes called Singltrek.


The narrow trails cross deep forests, streams and climb to peaks of high mountains. They were designed for everyone who loves biking (from families with children to technically advanced riders), it is just necessary to choose the right grade of difficulty.

The first Singltrek in the Czech Republic was placed under the majestic mountain of Smrk, the highest mountain of Jizera Mountains, and was designed by the Welsh trail designer Dafydd Davis a world leader in his field. Singltrek pod Smrkem offers trail loops of total length of 80 km in four grades of difficulty. Singltrek Centrum (trailhead facility) is located in Nové Město pod Smrkem on the lido of a beautiful bathing lake and offers all services you need.

As this way of biking became very popular other Singltrek networks were built in Rychleby Mountains on the border of Moravia and Silesia, in Mysločovice (Cyklopark Mysločovice in the East of Moravia) and in untouched nature of Beskydy Mountains (Kyčerka singletrail bike park). All of them offer perfect facility with a wide range of services and mainly a unique experience of healthy outdoor activity, relaxation and fun.