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10 Most beautiful Czech towns to visit - day trips tips

Castle in Jindřichův Hradec Mariánské Lázně

Most people who visit the Czech Republic limit their experience to Prague but so many other towns and cities are worthy of visiting and give an authentic taste of Czech Republic.

1. Karlštejn

40 km from Prague, by train, guided tour

Karlštějn was build by Charles IV. as a magnificent building for storring and protecting Crown Jewels and relic of Saints. One of the first architects was probably Matyas from Arras, the one who built Cathedral of St.Vitus in Prague. The Karlstejn Castle was built up in 10 years and is also well known for it´s legend which says about a prohibition of entry for women on the castle premises during King Charles IV. ruling. The prohibition was cleverly abolished by his last wife Eliska Pomoranská.

2. Kutná Hora

80 km from Prague, by public transport, guided tour

The history of this town was always connected to silver mining and processing. Kutná Hora was the second most important town right after city of Prague in the middle ages. One of the reasons was, that Prague groschen was coined there, which was a strong currency in those ages. The richness of the town in those days is documented with  magnificent  sacral buildings – Gothic cathedral dedicated to St.Barbora or Cathedral Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Also at the present time, there are being made historical films as Joan of Arc is. A unique place such Kostnice is also located in Kutná Hora.

3. Plzeň

80 km from Prague, by public transport, guided tour

The town is well known thanks to the local brewery. Apart of this, the town has its historical part which is located close to the central square. You can find here a Church of St. Bartoloměj. As the town was locaded on an important crossing of bussines tracks (between Prague and Bavaria), there was rising bussiness well.

4. Tábor

90 km from Prague, by public transport, guided tour

The town was built by the Hussites and named after a Mount Tabor  in Lower Galilee. Building the town is related to the Hussites´s tradition of going on religious pilgrimage to the hills. This tradition penetrates through whole town. There is a statue of Jan Žižka from Trocnov on the central square – he was the leader of Hussites. You will also find a lot of  underground corridors. There is also a museum dedicated to Hussite period.

5. Třeboň

140 km from Prague, by public transport, guided tour

When you say Třeboň, everyone will imagine the romantic ponds full of fish which were established by the family of Rožmberks. The Rožmberk´s coat-of-arms are showing red rose in a white field which was the reason why they were called Lords from the Rose. Vilem from Rozmberk used to have an alchymistic workshop in the local castle – it used to be a patron of alchemists.  The last of the Rožmberk family was Petr Vok. He lived unrestrained, careless and sumptumous life. This was also one of the reasons why, until these days, there persisted beautiful town with medieval meandering streets and also a Renaissance castle with gorgeous park. Třeboň is surrounded with a system of ponds belonging between the largest ones in Europe. The system of ponds was built at the beginning of the 17th Century. These ponds and little ponds are completing the romantic atmosphere of this town. Who doesn´t know carps from Třeboň, does it.

6. Jindřichův Hradec

140 km from Prague, by public transport, guided tour

The town developed very fast thanks to its strategic location between Prague and Vienna. There were built an interesting architectural buildings in each century. You can have a tour through the town, which was build in Renaissance style, the castle with a black Gothic kitchen, where a famous puree used to be prepared for poor people and also the castle garden, where used to be singing the famous opera singer Ema Destinnová. However the dominant feature is the local castle.

The complex of a chateau, built in Renaissance style, is the third largest sight in the Czech Republic, as the two largest are the Prague Castle and the Castle in Český Krumlov. It is situated within 3 hectares and there are 320 rooms inside. The exposition displays over 10000 pieces of work of art.

7. Telč

170 km from Prague, by public transport, guided tour

This town used to be owned by Oldřich III. From Hradec, who build a castle here. The square is lined by a Renaissance buildings, originated at the times when Zacharias from Hradec aggrandized the town. Thanks to him the town was expanding and flourishing.

8. Český Krumlov

180 km from Prague, by public transport, guided tour

In very early mornings, the town is slowly arising from a mist. It does not take too long and the town unfolds in from of you, so you have a stunning view of Renaissance and Baroque gables, narrow cobbled streets, old stony stairs and at last there is the tower of the Cesky Krumlov castle which towers above Vltava river. As the haze is rising above the river, completing the mysterious picture of the local architecture, you might start to feel the atmosphere of the old stories which had been forgotten long time ago. These are the impressions you will have after visiting Ceský Krumlov. Cesky Krumlov is one of the most precious places of the european, medieval architecture. The town was also registered by UNESCO.

9. Marienbad/Mariánské lázně

190 km from Prague, by public transport, guided tour 

Mariánské lázně, the youngest West Bohemia spa, boasts unique natural  beauties. Although historical records indicate that the medicinal powers of today existing natural springs were known as early as in the 13th century, Mariánské lázně was not founded  until the early 19th century. Most of the spa buildings date back to the second half of the 19th century. Those times showed the unprecedented development of the spa town, many recognised personalities and famous artists from all over the world were among the spa guests (J. W. Goethe, M. Twain, H. Ibsen, F. Liszt, F. Chopin, R. Kipling and many others).  Carefully arranged parks, spa forests, specific architecture, flourishing cultural and social life – those are the features to characterise this beautiful part of our country.

10. Olomouc

250 km from Prague, by public transport, guided tour 

Olomouc is a beautiful historic city on the banks of the Morava River with a 1000-year old centre which is the 2nd-largest urban preservation zone in the country (after Prague). Olomouc is also the country's biggest university town. Local specialties include Olomouc 'stinky' cheese, chocolate pie, Moravian wine, Moritz beer and Wallachian cheesecake.