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Your travel guide around Czech Republic

About us

PragueZones and Gustav Klimt

My name really is Gustav Klimt and the one tie connecting me with the famous Austrian painter is, besides the name, my love for arts. I have been gifted with talents of acquiring languages quickly, with the ability of empathy and understanding the needs of the client. I have been endowed with the organizational skills and with the talent to improvise and for seven years I have been using them in tourist and advertising industry.

PragueZones Ltd. is a custom Czech Republic tour planning company offering Czech Private Tours including: Prague Private Tour and the Best of Czech Republic for the demanding value-conscious travelers.

Gustav Klimt

Why contacting PragueZones in Czech Republic ?

We are a Czech travel agency, built on an ethical code based with professional responsibility for fair play trade business among our customers and also with our suppliers.

First of all our top priority is offering quality services wrapped into a human approach, good humor and optimism. Words of Vaclav Havel: Nothing human is alien to us.

Our team is a group of friendly Czechs from several disciplines, we love to communicate in foreign languages, we organize, arrange, we have an overview of the culture and we are keen on becoming intermediates between you and our country.

Our services are appreciated especially by costumers with a deeper interest into art, history, tradition and modern culture in Central Europe. At the same time we can meet people with active non-conformist approach to travel, thus we are able to satisfy demanding clientele┬┤s wishes even for "ecological" low cost requests. In addition to traditional travel services and adrenalin experiences we offer creative courses, educational seminars and cultural and sports events in Prague itself and in the Czech Republic.

Our Mission

Prague with its magic atmosphere and rich cultural heritage is doubtlessly the most inspiring city in Central Europe. We are determined to convey this unique spirit of both the city and the country as a whole to all of our clients, be it individual, group travellers, or corporate clientele.

Therefore we have based our travel services on experience.

What makes us significant compared to other travel agencies, though, is our interest in the psychological aspect of travelling. We want our clients to understand and experience a little bit about themselves, to learn and create new unexpected concepts.